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Monthly Letter OCTOBER

October is the month for harvest festivals in many of our churches. Although all has been safely gathered in before now, and the winter crops and being planted, we gather together at harvest to remember our dependance on God’s creation -  we plough the fields, scatter and irrigate, but it is God who brings life.

October also sees the day the church remembers St Francis, who died on the 4th October 1226. Francis is known as the patron saint of animals. Francis believed that nature mirrors God, and in his work ‘Canticle of the Sun’, which we sing as the hymn ‘All creatures of our God and King’, he speaks of our Brother Wolf and our Sister Moon.

The wonder of the world around us, and the joy that all God’s creatures bring to our lives is definitely something to celebrate and give thanks for. And the last of our animal services for this year takes place this month at Lessingham village hall (church closed this month due to work on the thatch), when we are delighted to welcome Norfolk’s ‘Mini-donks’ - miniature donkeys. So come along and meet them and find out about the wonderful work they do on Sunday 13th October at 2.30pm. Everyone is welcome.

And at the end of the month, the schools will be enjoying their half term holidays, and the holiday season will draw to a close. Over the holiday season, our communities are enriched by many for whom our villages hold a special place in their hearts - many of whom have been coming here since they were children, and now bring their grandchildren and great-grandchildren to enjoy our beautiful beaches and coastline.

So may God bless each one of us, whatever October brings, and may we find a moment to appreciate the wonder and blessings of the natural world.


Revd Catherine Dobson.

Rector, The Coastal Group.