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Christmas is coming,

The goose is getting fat,

Please put a penny

In the old man’s hat.

Part of an old poem reminding us the Christian Festival of Christmas will soon be here. (Maybe we don’t need a reminder!)

The 1st of December begins the season of Advent in the Church’s year. The word ‘Advent’ means ‘coming’. It is a time of preparation and looking forward to Christmas when we celebrate, in many ways, the birth of Jesus, God’s gift to mankind.

To help with the countdown many of you will have Advent calendars and will open one window each day until it is Christmas Day!

The focus on television, in this lead up, seems to be on large meals on large tables - one even has an orchestra, or to make it a perfect occasion you need that settee at a knock-down price! Other options are available.

The news letter offers a whole list of opportunities to help us to prepare - carol singing - christingle and services - something for everyone.

So I wish you a good Advent of preparation followed by a peaceful Christmas and a happy new year.

Greetings  Eiler.