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The Revd Coryn Stanforth was inducted as our Rector on December 6th 2023.

She can be contacted at

or tel. 07436 992347 

We hope you have enjoyed your visit to our website. If you have, please visit us again to see what new events have taken place in the Coastal Group Of Parishes or, if you are in the area, why not come and join us in our worship. You will be made very welcome in all of our parishes.

You can, if you wish, contact the churchwardens:

Gilbert Larter (Happisburgh): 01692 650728

Rhena Branch (Sea Palling): 01692 597117

Brenda Gallant (Bacton): 01692 651351

Keith Bronze (Bacton):

Sylvia Andrews (Walcott):

Maureen Bird (Walcott):

Charles Owles (Witton):
Sarah Nevell (Witton)

Richard Barker (Ridlington) 01692 650313

Margaret Henderson (Hempstead & Lessingham)01692 581858

Jacky Pestell (Hempstead & Lessingham) 

Sandra Clarke (Hickling) 01692 598368 

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